Information about us and how to contact us 'The Trudge' our monthly newsletter Upcoming walk schedule Walk grading and classifications What do you need for each type of walk Information for new members including how to join Information for members only. If you are a member and have mislaid or not received the username and password to access this area then please email the webmaster requesting access using the link at the bottom of this page. Sunshine Coast Bushwalkers Inc.  Day walks.  Leader must have map and preferably a PLB Leader should consider the use of UHF radios if there are more than 12 people on the walk Walking shoes/boots Torch Compass Raincoat Warm clothing Matches/lighter Water/water sterilising Pocket knife Signal mirror and whistle Emergency blanket Food (normally morning tea and lunch) First aid kit including compression bandage for snake bite Optional personal gear: sunscreen,repellant,binoculars,camera,GPS,map   Extended Through Walks: Light weight or ultralight weight gear. Final selection of gear is dependant on walking environment and length of walk. The gear list below is typical of our five to ten day walks in more extreme alpine environments. Tent/tent footprint Sleeping mat/sleeping bag/inner bag/dry bag for sleeping bag & inner bag Stove/fuel/spoon/pen knife/cup/cooking pot/scourer/chux tea towel/matches/lighter/grippers First aid kit/whistle/signal mirror Shirt and shorts to wear and one spare set/raincoat/rainpants/nylon overgloves/hat Thermals/beanie/gloves/warm coat/dry bag for spare clothes Compass/map/GPS/map case/pencil/spirax notebook Head torch/sun glasses/camera/wallet Water bottles/platypus water containers/steripen or puritabs Boots/crocs/socks/gaitors/walking poles Rucksack/liner bag/spare plastic bags/pack cover Toilet gear/towel/sun screen/insect repellant/lip balm therma rest chair food: typically 600 to 800 grams dry weight.   For feedback and problems with this website please email the webmaster. For feedback and problems with this website please email the webmaster. For more information and assistance with equipment selection please view the frequently asked questions at What do you need for each type of walk